Being currently single, I didn’t have the required equipment on hand to test this particular item (sucks to be me), so I had to find some willing volunteers. Luckily my fabulous chums Harry and Meghan (that’s what they asked to be called and who am I to argue) offered themselves as tribute.

Over to Meghan…


Some sex toys have discrete, subtle names, a whiff of eroticism and a smidge of coy. The CockCam has gone for a more Ronseal approach: a tiny camera which can be used on its own or fitted to the cock ring it comes with.

This is external view only, so it’s more first person shooter rather than a cock eye view. Which is good as I’m not sure my cervix is my most alluring feature.

Included is the cock ring, camera, a small mount to use the camera sans cock, charging cable and a handy little mount you can use to stick the device to other surfaces. There’s a set of instructions too, and the box makes it easy to store everything together. You can either let TheCockCam run it’s own mini wifi and then connect direct to it with the phone app or get it to connect direct to your wifi router and then the get the app to connect to that.

We chose the former, just for a little extra security to avoid oversharing but whichever you choose, CHANGE THE DEFAULT PASSWORD unless you are into extreme exhibitionism. The footage can be recorded for playback later, or streamed to your phone to watch whilst playing. The device setup would be easier if the instructions were clearer but the app seem to work quite well.

We were quite excited about trying out the product but hit the biggest downside of the CockCam straight away. Given its USP is the cockring element, it’s a shame that the cockring isn’t great, mainly on account of, well, its fit.

There’s no bragging going on here, the penis on test is perfectly average sized but the rubber is just not flexible enough to stretch easily to get the thing right round the base of the shaft. A nice tight cockring is good, but there’s tight and then there’s too tight. Maybe offering a couple of different sizes would be a good idea for the future.

Taking a deep breath (and lots of lube) we worked the ring into place and clipped in the camera…

Cock,Camera, Action! What do we see? Well, not much at first – the camera doesn’t have a particularly wide angle. This is a bit of a disappointment as that means capturing video of the old in and out is going to be limited, still it’s a unique viewpoint and you can have fun running around pretending your manhood is a pink helmeted superhero flying around your house.


IT’S A DILDO, DON’T PANIC! POV image supplied by reviewer


Much fun with the footage from oral as it’s very close up and personal. The viewpoint of the cam also can add a lot in terms of candid viewing of a partner and adds something to the mix. Videoing PIV is a bit hit and miss. On the plus side, in a lot of positions the camera is focused on the clit area, which is hot – but if you are going doggy (and don’t like ultra-close butthole shots) then you’ll have to spin that thing around!

If you are going to bump and grind things will get sticky, so keep a tissue handy to wipe the lens. It’s also NOT waterproof – the rubber of the cockring case will provide a little protection from fluids but not much (squirters beware).

Talking of getting close to things, the Cock Cam has a tiny status light on the front and when shooting things close up this can shine dots onto your partner, which then shows up in the footage (we call this DISCO TITS).

There are some big plus points. The nightshot mode is very sensitive and works well in the dark, adding something a little illicit to the footage. We had success using the device as a dildo-cam, particularly when one partner wasn’t in the house at the time.

The other plus is the small stand that comes with the device. The camera element has a magnetic mount point and just instantly clips on and off. This is way easier to point and shoot with than a camera phone and the base comes with some sticky pads so you can clip the stand in useful positions. Once the novelty of the cock-mounted viewpoint wears off, this is where the product comes into it own.

Yes, you could do the same with a cheap GoPro style camera, but the CockCam is tiny in comparison (and simple to get in the right position) so you can be much more spontaneous.

In summary – it’s novel, it gets shots you would never normally be able to take and works well out of the cock ring with the included mount. 

Will we use it again? Oh yes!